Cost Structure

All prices in EUR.

The respective costs (in €) are defined per user group and/or device (per day or per use) for surface and subsurface investigations (as of 02.12.2021). These costs exclude travel costs.

Note: The distinction between G1 and G2 is marginal, as personnel costs are identical. G4 has been equated to G3, with specific costs to be defined depending on the collaboration - and varying between G1 and G3.




The Core Facility "eSurfLab" at the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy offers the possibility to use different service packages, which can be combined individually. Since the travel costs can vary significantly, these are not included in the following examples. In the following, exemplary cost calculations in €) for different usage groups G1 to G4 are presented (excl. travel costs):

  • Drone aerial photography (exemplary cost for user group G1):
    Drone surveys from two viewpoints within a locality with a total area of 10 ha incur costs of 1089 € (costs: product 1064 €, maintenance 25 €).
    Result: raw data of the recordings.

  • Terrestrial laser scanner (exemplary cost for user group G2):
    For recordings with the terrestrial laser scanner of a total of 6 hours (scanned area varies according to scan resolution), costs of 1226 € are to be paid for (costs: product 1132 €, raw data 69 €, maintenance 25 €).
    Result: raw data of the scanned area.

  • Inclinometer (exemplary cost for user group G3):
    Two inclinometer measurements of seven inclinometers each (currently between 4 and 7.5 m depth) cost 885 € (cost: product 709 €, raw data 176 €; plus personnel costs).
    Result: Raw data from seven inclinometers at two points in time.

  • Drill core (exemplary cost for user group G4):
    Using the drilling rig for coring at two locations on site, each with a depth of about six meters, results in costs of 1786 € (costs: product 1377 €, raw data 309 €, maintenance 100 €; depending on project involvement, plus personnel costs if applicable).
    Result: Two cores in 1m inliners of 6 meters each.