Since 2014, individual monitoring programs for the different types of landslides (translational and rotational slides, debris flows, rock avalanches, rock falls, etc.) are continuously carried out within the inter-, intra- and transdisciplinary NoeSLIDE project. The NoeSLIDE project was established by the University of Vienna, working group ENGAGE (Geomorphological Systems and Risk Research at the Institute of Geography and Regional Research at the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy) as a long-term monitoring project for the investigation of landslides in Lower Austria. This initiative forms the basis for the establishment of the Core Facility "eSurfLab".

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The "eSurfLab" sites are integrated into the LTSER (Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research) platform Eisenwurzen in Austria. The LTER sites and LTSER platforms of LTER-Austria are coordinated by the Federal Environment Agency - UBA and are the Austrian contribution to this european and global network. A network of institutions already active in the region (universities, national parks, research centers, etc.) and high quality documentation (data material) provide good conditions for the first Austrian LTSER platform. In LTSER different platforms in Austria are identified, whereas the "eSurfLab" is integrated in the platform Eisenwurzen.

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Overview of LTSER Platform Eisenwurzen locations (Source: LTER-Austria 2021)