Subject Areas

Within the Core Facility "eSurfLab", the following different thematic topics are currently in the focus. All thematic topics are integral part of the research mission of the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy:

  • Exploring processes: The analysis of correlations of flow, fall and slide activities with external influencing factors, such as precipitation and snow, are of great importance in Austria, especially with regard to climate change and the expected accumulation of extreme events.

  • Recognizing hazards: This knowledge is essential to identify potentially endangered areas, to set targeted measures and to assess risks for population and infrastructure.

  • Apply and develop methods: A wide range of methodologies (subsurface and surface monitoring) with fixed and mobile equipment are applied in the investigations. Besides the use of classical methods, the project focuses on the development and testing of novel measurement methods for geomonitoring.

  • Biodiversity and sustainability: How landscapes change due to climate change as well as natural and anthropogenically induced processes is of outstanding importance in the context of sustainability and biodiversity.

  • Training and teaching: In addition to scientific investigations, the principle of research-guided teaching is also an integral part of past, current and future project work.